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Mobiles & Tablets

Paroh Limited Mobile Wholesale


Paroh Limited is the UK's premium mobile cell phone wholesaler company offering wholesale lots of brand new sim-free, locked and unlocked mobile cell phones supplying to businesses all over the UK and ships internationally as well. 


Paroh Limited enterprises in bulk and wholesale trades of brand-new phones from all popular brands from around the world supplying to retail businesses, independent mobile phone dealers, and wholesale mobile distributors across the UK.


Our business expertise has enabled us in fabricating excellent business relationships with global manufacturers, international exporters and top global mobile phone manufacturers' networks, offering the widest selection of the latest, special edition, collectors edition mobile phones,  making our range one of the widest across the nation.


Paroh Limited specialises in wholesale supply of top brands and popular varieties of mobile phones to businesses, bulk-buyers, and large-scale buyers in wholesale lots at notably reasonable prices. 


Our business expertise has enabled us to form strategic international ties with leading global manufacturers, dependable sales network and also offer an excellent logistic network for instant national & international despatches and on-time deliveries. 


Paroh Limited is managed under able leadership and years of expertise in forging excellent client relations and a global network of manufacturers and logistics to bring you timely service and a class apart business experience. 


Proficient Customer Care  


Paroh Limited is a team of motivated skilled individuals working with the motto - Service with a smile. Our knowledgeable team is committed to bringing you smooth, hassle-free solutions for your business query, and offers swift deliveries to ensure superior customer satisfaction.


Our well-trained team members carry deep product insights to assist you aptly with every business conduct and bring you a smile of satisfaction. 


We combine technological expertise along with excellent customer service, and all our skilled staff is thoroughly trained and equipped with detailed insight on every aspect of mobile phones, for your assistance.

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